Hindi and Spanish

When it comes to Hindi, it seems to be quite difficult for Spanish speakers to get the hang of the language.

Yes, it is challenging, but there are many words in Hindi that have the same Arabic or Latin root as the Spanish word. Consequently, they are very similar in both languages.

Let’s compare some Hindi words that are very similar to Spanish:

Almaari (अलमारी) Armario Cupboard armario
Baalti (बाल्टी) Balde/Cubo Bucket BOUQUET
Daant (दांत) Diente Tooth TOOTH
Kamiẓ (कमीज) Camisa Shirt SHIRT
Meẓ (मेज़) Mesa Table TABLE
Musulmaan (मुसलमान) Musulmán Muslim 36051-84
Naarangi (नारंगी) Naranja Orange ORANGE
Oye (ओए) Oye Hey oee
Paaiyaamaa (पायजामा) Pijama Pajama PYJAMA
Paer (पैर) Pie Foot FOOT
Saabun (साबुन) Jabón Soap SOAP
Tamaatar (टमाटर) Tomate Tomato TOMATO
Tauliyaa (तौलिया) Toalla Towel TOWEL
Tu – Tum (तू – तुम) You you


Do (दो) Dos Two 9050-84
Saat (सात) Siete Seven 7 (1)
Nau (नौ) Nueve Nine 9
Das (दस) Diez Ten 10

There are quite a few more words which are half similar.

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