Hindi and Portuguese


Let’s discuss an Indian language, Portuguese.

Yup! Among the various languages spoken in this country, Portuguese is one of them. This is because the Portuguese took possession of some of the territories of India, finally retiring and recognizing its sovereignty in 1975.

For this reason, Portuguese is still spoken in places like Goa and Daman. What’s more, the Portuguese language has influenced even those who speak Hindi.
Additionally there are some words in both languages sharing the same etymological roots.

Let’s compare some Hindi words that are very similar to Portuguese:

Anannaas (अनन्नास) Ananás in Portuguese Pineapple 15392-84
Chaabee (चाबी) Chave in Portuguese Key 32190-84
Chaay (चाय) Chá in Portuguese Tea 4137-84
Daant (दांत) Dente in Portuguese Tooth 42646-84
Girja (गिर्जा or गिरजाघर) Igreja in Portuguese Church 20685-84
Kamraa (कमरा) Câmara in Portuguese (câmara escura/ frigorífica) Chamber/Room6606-84
Paadree (पाद्री) Padre in Portuguese Father/Priest41281-84
Pav (पाव) Pão in Portuguese Bread 6751-84
Pair (पैर) in Portuguese Foot 3858-84
Tren (ट्रेन) Trem in Portuguese Train 21833-84

Interesting, uh?

Phir milengue!