Say the words “I,” “me,” “is,” “mother,” “brother,” and “ten,” and you are speaking words which, in one form or another, men and women of Europe and Asia have used for thousands… Continue reading


Dia and Din (दिन)

Ojalá and Insha’Allah

Português na Índia

Em alguns lugares da Índia como Goa, Damão e Diu o português ainda é falado, embora esteja em vias de desaparecimento.


Hindi and Spanish

When it comes to Hindi, it seems to be quite difficult for Spanish speakers to get the hang of the language. Yes, it is challenging, but there are many words in Hindi that… Continue reading

Hindi and Portuguese

Namaste! Let’s discuss an Indian language, Portuguese. Yup! Among the various languages spoken in this country, Portuguese is one of them. This is because the Portuguese took possession of some of the territories… Continue reading